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Welcome to the ‘I Know’ Movement

‘I Know’ was started in the wake of my miscarriage. The loss experienced was isolating and created a hole in my life. My experience was not unique but it wasn’t until I went through it I realised how many women and families, whatever they may look like, had suffered this loss.

Often people shy away from grief. Friends don’t know what to say, families might say the wrong thing and talking about it yourself, if that’s something you even want to do, can feel like you’re speaking a foreign language. I found the more I spoke the more people I found had suffered miscarriage or stillbirth. There are also plenty of people who haven’t experienced it and I have had some fairly rough conversations along the way. Being told I should be over it by now, comparing my experience of miscarriage with someone else’s deemed ‘worse’ than mine or asking how far along I was as if length of pregnancy equalled a justification of my grief.

It doesn’t.

My miscarriage wasn’t better or worse than yours. I will take as long as I need to grieve this and I don’t believe this is something that will ever truly leave me.


Through all this, I wanted to use my voice. I knew that I couldn’t be the only one to go through this and I found very quickly that I’m not. Not everyone wants to speak out, not everyone will want people to know. I’m here to tell you: that’s ok. There is no right or wrong. There is no ‘right’ length of time in which to heal. It is as unique to you as your experience of loss is.

I wanted this pin to be a symbol for you and for me. For our partners and our families who understand the pain this loss brings. It is real. It is raw and it deserves to be recognised. I want people to see it as a sign to say ‘I Know’. I know what it is you’re going through and you are not alone in this. I know I wear my pin with hope. Hope that someone will see it who has been through this, a day, a week, a year, a decade ago and see that I’m standing right there with them. Maybe we can chat, maybe we could share a smile, maybe we silently walk on by knowing that there is someone else out there who understands, who knows. I Know.

The Pin Design

This pin is designed to represent femininity, fertility and maternity. The design needed to be something that would show this without, quite frankly, just being a pin of a vagina.

That’s not going to appeal to the masses now is it?

The colours link in with growth, harmony, freshness and emotional safety.

After all a woman has gone through, whatever their trauma looks like and however the people in their lives were involved, these felt like pretty important qualities to draw on.

This pin is for everyone of all shapes, creeds and colours of life

to unite us in our moments of grief and memories of children lost,

but never forgotten.

Each Pin is £8 including shipping.

50% of every Pin sale goes to Saying Goodbye